Winter Series 2024


Saturday mornings, 27 July - 28 September inclusive

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Sun 14 Jul 2024 18:00.

Full-court floorball is returning! Winter Series 2024 will showcase the best floorball talent Canberra has to offer, as well as providing an opportunity for new players to get involved.

Games are played on full-size courts, with a full complement of five field players and one goalkeeper, plus substitutes. Games are played in accordance with the IFF Rules of the Game, but with 3 x 15 minute continuous-time periods.

Floorball equipment (sticks & goalkeeper equipment) will be available for use at all games.

Date, time & place

The competition will run on Saturday mornings at Tuggeranong Archery Centre, with approximately one-hour game slots occurring between 8am and 12.30pm. Exact game lengths and timings will be dictated by the final number of teams.

The first complete round will be held on Saturday 27 July, and the competition should conclude late September. Exact dates will be driven by the final number of teams, as well as court availability.

Ahead of the competition starting, in June and July we will look to offer skills sessions and games. Further information on these will be provided soon.

Divisions, teams & registrations

Registration for this competition costs $105 per player. Note this cost is in addition to the cost of Floorball ACT membership.

Winter Series is split into two divisions:

  • Division 1: for experienced players, athletes playing similar sports at a high level, and current Floorball ACT players who wish to take the next step in their floorball development;
  • Division 2: for social players, new players, and athletes playing similar sports at a social level.

Players who are unsure which division to register for should contact with details of their playing experience so we can suggest a division for you.

Players may register for both divisions if they wish; players should consider their physical ability to play up to two games in a day before they register for both divisions. It is also expected that players competing in both divisions play to the level of the competition, assume a 'play-maker' role, or play out of position, in Division 2. There is no additional charge to play in both divisions. However, Floorball ACT will only accept multi-Division nominations if:

  • The player has a valid reason to wish to play in both Divisions (e.g., playing with other friends at Division 2 level, filling a shortage of players, etc.); and,
  • There is sufficient room in Division 2 once all Division 2-only nominations have been considered.

Players may register as individuals, with teams formed and captains designated by Floorball ACT. Teams will be formed with the following aims in mind:

  • Player safety;
  • An even, exciting competition;
  • Growth of the sport;
  • Player development;
  • Player preferences. Player preferences around, e.g., who they might like to be on the same team as, will be considered, but only if they do not adversely affect the other aims listed.

Players may also submit their own teams to the competition. Please note that any submitted teams are considered requests; at the closing date of registrations, Floorball ACT will review the submitted teams to ensure they achieve the aims listed above before accepting them into the competition.

Initial registrations will close at the time shown above to allow Floorball ACT to confirm teams and a fixture. After that point, registrations will be re-opened for individual players. Players must register before taking the court, and to guarantee they are able to play in a given round, must have registered no later than 5pm Wednesday prior to that round.

All players wishing to participate must hold a full & paid up Floorball ACT membership (i.e., Senior or Junior) to participate in Winter Series 2024. Memberships (valid for 12 months) are separate from event registration fees, and cover our mandatory insurance and help Floorball ACT in providing and maintaining equipment, uniforms and other ongoing costs. You will not be able to register for Winter Series 2024 without a membership.

Competition Guidelines & Regulations can be found on the Policies and Documentation page.